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Juicy Chicken

When it comes to cooking, there are few things more depressing than going through all the preparation and cooking, only to find that whatever it was you were working on, came out over cooked and dry. Though chicken is an easy meal to cook, it’s equally easy to over cook and dry out, so use […]

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13 Essential Tips For Your First Half Marathon

I am a strong believer of the walk before you can run mentality. Trying to jump right in to running a marathon, or even a half marathon, can leave yourself surprised at how difficult it can be, discouraged, and at worst case, hurting yourself. It’s good to approach the task with a steady plan, and […]

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Why Practice Is More Important Than Talent

There are endless quotes, sayings, and motivational posters, lauding the merits of hard work, preparation, and practice over luck, and natural talent. And dammit, those cheesy kittens hanging in there on those branches are right. You might be naturally strong, but try to dead lift 500 lbs, and you’ll pull your back. Turns out those […]

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